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FUTURES Case Management, llc


​​Case Manager: Amanda "Mandi" Mitchell


Counties Served: Marion, Hendricks, Boone, Hamilton, and Johnson

Years of Experience and Related Work: Amanda has experience as a Case Manager for the Medicaid Waiver program for approximately 4 years. She also worked in a variety of roles dealing with individuals who are in need of supportive services. Amanda has been with FUTURES since November of 2013. 

Why Case Management?: Amanda truly enjoys helping people have a better quality of life!  She has a passion and commitment for advocating for those that are not always able to advocate for themselves.  Amanda believes one of her purposes in life is to help individuals and their families navigate through what can be an overwhelming experience in healthcare. 

Strengths: Amanda is a team player who likes to have a positive attitude.  She works well in a team setting and truly enjoys helping others.  Amanda works hard to advocate for those that she is involved with. 

Case Manager: Danette Shepperd


Counties Served: Pulaski, Jasper, Starke, and White

Years of Experience and Related Work: Prior to being a Case Manager Danette worked as Support Staff at a group home facility for 4 years. Danette enjoyed the opportunity to plan special events out in the community and to see the individuals she supported enjoying their lives. Danette has been a Case Manager for 8 years. She has been with FUTURES since July of 2013.  Danette strives to encourage each and every one of her individuals to enjoy their lives and to reach their goals.

Why Case Management?: Danette strives to empower individuals to freely make their own choices, to have their own voice, to overcome/embrace challenges, and to  live the best possible life they can.

Strengths: Danette’s biggest strength is to maintain a positive atmosphere despite the many obstacles faced with the waiver program and differing teams. Danette is also a great resource for individuals and families and is sympathetic to challenges faced on a day-to-day basis. Danette enjoys finding creative solutions to life’s challenges so that her individuals are truly happy and find their lives meaningful.

Case Manager: Dawn Biela


Counties Served: LaPorte, Porter, and Lake

Years of Experience and Related Work: Dawn has worked in the field serving individuals with disabilities for 13 years. This work includes being a Case Manager, a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional, and a Guardian/Attorney in Fact.  Dawn specializes in finding creative community solutions to an individual’s challenges. Dawn has been with us since May of 2014. 

Why Case Management:? Dawn believes that all individuals-regardless of age, health status, or income should have access to services to meet their basic needs. Dawn believes it is her duty as a fellow citizen and privilege to do what she can toward that end.

Strengths: With her variety of experiences Dawn has encountered many of the issues facing today’s individuals with special needs. Applying the knowledge and skills gained from those experiences allows Dawn to better navigate with the current situations in the waiver world.  

Case Manager/CEO: Florence Hobby
Counties Served: LaPorte, Porter, Lake, and elsewhere as needed
Years of Experience and Related Work: Florence has been in the field for 26 years and has done waiver case management for nearly 20 years. 6 years were spent specialized in high behavior needs individuals. Florence transition many group homes to waiver sites, she has been involved in closing down institutions, she has transitioned individuals out of institutions, organized parent groups, and volunteered with the Special Olympics.   

Why Case Management?: Working with individuals with disabilities has given Florence a great perspective on life.
Strengths: Florence works very well with her teams and is a strong advocate for the individuals she serves.

​​Case Manager: Kasey Butler

Counties Served: Lake, Porter, and possibly other surrounding areas
Experience and Related Work: Kasey has worked in the social services field for the past eleven years. She started her career right out of college working for a licensed child placing agency in Lafayette, Indiana. After working for five years, Kasey relocated to Northern Indiana and worked for the Monroe County Department of Child Services for the past 6 years. Kasey has the most experience working with individuals with mental health diagnosis and children with behavioral challenges. Kasey has been with FUTURES since February of 2015.  
Why Case Management:? Kasey enjoys Case Management because it allows her to help others who are in need. Case Management also allows her to learn new things from other's different perspectives. Not to mention, Case Management keeps Kasey on her toes! Kasey enjoys seeing others succeed and helping them overcome hardships in their lives. Kasey also enjoys Case Management because the workday is not always the same day to day. She likes having different tasks to do each each day, but most of all; she really enjoys meeting and getting to know new people and families. Kasey has learned a great deal over the past eleven years from the individuals and families she worked with. 
Strengths: Kasey is an easy person to get along with. She thinks it is important to treat everyone with respect and dignity regardless of who they are or where they have been. Kasey likes to think outside of the box and enjoys being creative in solving problems. 

Case ​Manager/Supervisor: Kathleen Schwager
Counties Served: Lake, LaPorte, St. Joe, and Elkhart
Years of Experience and Related Work: Kathleen started working in direct care at a day service provider 11 years ago and fell in love! Kathleen worked direct care before moving on to Case Management (3 years in a day service setting and 1 year in the waiver world).  Kathleen left the field for several years but couldn’t stay away from the field and had to jump back in. Kathleen has been with FUTURES since September of 2015. 
Why Case Management:? Kathleen believes there is no better feeling than helping someone realize a dream or a goal. Kathleen loves working with individuals and their team to find creative ways to enrich their lives and improve their overall quality of life.
Strengths: Kathleen is a great communicator and is able to mediate stressful or difficult situations by remaining calm. Kathleen is a team player and is able to encourage dialogue with the team while still being a strong advocate for her individuals. 

​Case Manager: Lauren Farris
Counties Served: LaPorte
Years of Experience and Related Work: This is Lauren’s second year in case management. Prior to becoming a part of this great company and team Lauren was an educator at one of the local middle schools for three years. During this time Lauren worked with students struggling with their academics and classroom experience. Lauren worked with these individuals in a smaller class setting helping them achieve success and becoming lifelong learners. Lauren has been with FUTURES since February of 2014. 
Why Case Management:? Lauren enjoys helping others and seeing them succeed in all areas of life. It is rewarding to know that you are a resource that can help individuals and families have a positive experience.
Strengths: Lauren is a team player that works well with others. She is very driven, organized and always puts the needs of individual’s first. Lauren treats all people with respect and enjoys seeing individual’s meet their goals.

​Case Manager: Kenzie Beck


Counties Served: Hendricks, Marion, Johnson, Putnam, Morgan, Monroe, and open to surrounding counties!

Years of Experience and Related Work: Kenzie has been working with individuals since she was 15-years-old through babysitting and volunteering during high school and college. While working on her degree in Human Development and Family Studies, Kenzie volunteered at a local day service program and worked as a Direct Support Professional (DSP)l. After graduating from Indiana State, Kenzie started working as a QIDP / Program Coordinator for a residential provider for a year. 

Why Case Management:? Kenzie believes in life-long learning. Kenzie believes everyone has the ability to succeed and learn new skills throughout every stage of life. Kenzie has enjoyed working with individuals of all ages and need. She believes in advocating for individuals with disabilities and their families to ensure they are receiving the best quality of life. 

Strengths: Kenzie believes that she works well in all settings, whether group or independently.  She has experience working with a variety of different teams and individuals. Kenzie has a positive attitude and enjoys helping others reach their individual goals. 

Case Manager: Naziha Ibrahim
Counties Served: Lake, Porter, and LaPorte
Years of Experience and Related Work: Naziha worked at a previous Case Management Company for two years as a Case Manager. Prior to coming to FUTURES, Naziha worked in a doctor’s office as an Office Manager. Naziha has personal experience as she has a sister with Cerebral Palsy who benefits from the Family Supports Waiver. Initially, Naziha started out providing direct care to individuals with disabilities in 2004 and moved up to House Manager before becoming a Case Manager. Naziha has been with FUTURES since  June of 2016.
Why Case Management:? Naziha believes that all human beings deserve to have the opportunity to live their lives to their potential. Naziha does not believe that any disability is a restriction from fulfilling one’s dream. Naziha feels that she is here to show her Individuals the different pathways they can take to succeed and find happiness. 
Strengths: Naziha works well with others and is a great listener and always patient. She is organized and works hard for those whose voices are not always heard. 

​​Case Manager/Supervisor: Sara Yakimicki
Counties Served: Marshall, Starke, and surrounding counties
Years of Experience and Related Work: Sara has 19 years of social work experience. Sara spent 13 of those years working for the Family and Social Services Administration in Indiana. During that time, Sara determined eligibility for Medicaid, Food Stamps, and TANF. Sara also worked as a Child Protective Services Case Manager. Sara then worked 6 years as a Qualified Developmental Disability Professional (QDDP) for supported living sites and group homes in Marshall County.  Sara began her journey as a Medicaid Waiver Case Manager in July of 2013.
Why Case Management:? Sara believes there is no other rewarding job than being able to help someone with obstacles achieve their dreams. Sara enjoys having the opportunity to be a part of her individual’s lives so she is able to watch them grow and overcome their individual obstacles. Sara believes that having a disability isn’t about what one cannot do, rather, what one can do with their God given abilities. Sara has learned so much from the individuals she serves and their families including endurance, a positive attitude, and how to love unconditionally.
Strengths: Sara’s greatest strength is her experience. Sarah has worked in the social work field in Marshall and Starke County for 19 years Sara considers her knowledge of community resources and experience with Medicaid eligibility a valuable skill to be able to complete her job duties as a Case Manager.

​​Case Manager: Carla Keafer
Counties Served: Clinton, Tippecanoe, and all surrounding counties
Years of Experience and Related Work: Carla is new to Case Management. Carla taught High School for many years and also a church administrative assistant. With her combined experience, Carla is experienced in communicating with a wide range of individuals with a wide range of needs and abilities. Carla is personal experience as her son has a developmental disability. As a result, Carla has “hands-on” experience in dealing with disabilities and all of the joys and roadblocks that accompanies the whole experience.  Carla has been with FUTURES since July of 2016. 
Why Case Management?: As Carla has been learning more about disabilities and services needed/required for her son, she realizes how difficult the waiver program can be to maneuver and understand. With that knowledge, Carla understands how even  more important it is to help families/individuals understand the program and how their needs can be met. Carla understands her most important role is to help families and individuals receive the best services to best suit their needs, while explaining the roles of various agencies, and providing ideas for additional activities and experiences.
Strengths: Carla is an organized person and loves gathering information that can be passed along to others. If Carla does not know an answer, she will search for it or ask question of others to get the best information. Carla enjoys sharing what she learns with others .

Case Manager: Krissy Andrews
Counties Served: White, Carroll, and open to Clinton
Years of Experience and Related Work: Krissy has been a Case Manager for 7 years. Prior to being a Case Manager Krissy was a First Steps therapist for their Early Intervention Program for 11 years. Krissy has been with FUTURES since August of 2013. 
Why Case Management?: Krissy enjoys being able to meet different people. Each individual Krissy meets is unique and has their own goals, no matter how small they might seem to others. Krissy enjoys working with each individual she serves in order to help them reach their goals via different waiver supports.
Strengths: Krissy is personally affected as she has a sister with Spina Bifida. Krissy has been involved with Individuals with Disabilities since she was a child and has a great knowledge of varying disabilities. Krissy is a mother of five who understands that every person is special, no matter their strengths and weaknesses.  She has a child who has been through significant medical issues and she can understand the amount of paperwork and how challenging it can be to deal with all different types of people.

Case Manager: Mindy Dupler-Singer
Counties Served: Tippecanoe and surrounding counties
Years of Experience and Related Work: Mindy has been in the field of Case Management for 11 years. Mindy has been a Waiver Case Manager for 11 years.  Mindy has experience working with children from birth to 3 years under the First Steps program and also a wide age-range of individuals on the Medicaid Waiver Program. Mindy has been with FUTURES since August of 2013. 
Why Case Management:? Mindy simply enjoys being around others. Mindy thrives on being able to help others achieve their own personal goals in order to lead fulfilling, happy lives.
Strengths: Mindy is a parent of a child with Special Needs who is on Indiana’s Medicaid Waiver program. Because Mindy is personally affected, Mindy is able to come to the table with two perspectives, that of a parent and also a provider. Mindy is a great advocate for her clients so that they can achieve their hopes and dreams. Mindy is also able to think outside of the box in order to help her individuals find pathways to their individual success.

Case Manager: Rachel McEachen
Counties: Tippecanoe, Benton, and open to surrounding counties
Years of Experience and Related Work: Rachel worked at Sunnyside Middle School as an aide for 4+ years in the special education department. Rachel worked with 5th and 6th graders with learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, and other types of disabilities and health issues. Rachel is new to Case Management but is deeply interested in working with individuals with disabilities. Rachel has been with FUTURES since June of 2016. 

Why Case Management:? Rachel fell in love with her previous job at Sunnyside Middle School as a result of the children she worked with. Rachel quickly learned that working in this field was something she was truly good at and something she enjoys. Rachel strives to help others. 
Strengths: Rachel is very goal oriented and a great communicator! She thoroughly enjoys working as a team with others. Her loyal, organization, honesty, respect, and empathy are wonderful tools she brings to the table.

Case  Manager: Montica White
Counties Served: Marion and donut counties

Years of Experience and Related Work: Montica has a history of working in Case Management for 20 + years and with persons with disabilities in various services for 30 + years. She first started work with persons who are deaf when in college. She has traveled to other countries working with persons who are deaf. In addition, she worked at Goodwill for 8 years as a Program Manager/Case Manager and staff interpreter and then a short time in foster care as a licensing agent. Montica has two children with disabilities adopted from foster care so she can see and understand the management side as well as the user side of services.  Montica has been with us since June of 2014.
Why Case Management:? Montica desired to work in a field of service to others since she was a teenager. While working at a Wal-Mart she had frequent encounters with persons who are deaf and could not speak to them. As a result, she was determined to learn the language and her service to others went on from there. Simply, Montica just wants to help others by helping make life a little better and to help someone meet their potential.
Strengths: Montica has the ability, desire and skill in helping others. Her experience in the field on the side of management as well as the participant (her son is on the waiver), is an asset to any team, family or individual receiving services.

​​Case Manager: Heidi Peak
Counties Served: Primarily serve in Marion & Hamilton County; Heidi has a few clients in Hancock, Morgan, Hendricks, and Johnson county.
Years of Experience and Related Work: As a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Recreational Therapy, Heidi began her career helping individuals with Developmental Disabilities at Noble of Indiana in 2006. In 2009, she made the move to case management were she remains dedicated to those she serves. Heidi has been with FUTURES since November of 2013. 
Why Case Management?:  Heidi enjoys knowing that she helped someone strive to reach his or her goals, each day. Having the ability to touch so many different people’s lives gives Heidi great pride in her work, and she is rewarded by the many positive results seen.
Strengths: Heidi is very goal oriented and works well within a team setting. Heidi’s ability to forge strong relationships with her peers and clients, allows her to provide exemplary service within the case management field. Additionally, Heidi’s compassion for those with disabilities helps her to provide the needed services that best fit her clients. Her organizational skills allow her to effectively serve her clients best interests.

Case Manager: Jamie Gabbard

Counties Served: Cass, Fulton, Miami, Wabash, Grant, Madison, Hamilton, Tipton, Howard, Clinton, and Carroll.
Years of Experience and Related Work: Jamie has worked with individuals with many different types of disabilities for over 15 years. As an Audiologist, Jamie has seen how the ability to communicate plays a huge role in a person's independence. Jamie looks forward to helping her clients achieve and maintain their communication goals. Jamie has been with FUTURES since March of 2016. 
Strengths: As an audiologist, Jamie is knowledgeable in communication disabilities and has worked with many over the years. Jamie spent a lot of time working with not only the clients, but also their families and caregivers. Jamie feels that Case Management provides the clients with a team of experts to help them become as independent as possible, while giving them the support they need in other areas of their lives. Jamie feels her best strength is listening. Jamie believes you cannot make person-centered decisions for someone without listening to what they, and also their caregivers, need to achieve their goals.

Case Manager: JoAnna Bauer
Counties Served: Hamilton, Boone, Hancock, and Marion counties
Years of Experience and Related Work: JoAnna began working in the field of case management in 2010 through Therapeutic Foster Care, and started working in Waiver case management in 2011. She had experience working with those with intellectual disabilities, both through Foster Care and in a position I held through Noblesville Schools in which she worked with at-risk youth in an educational setting at the High School and in the Juvenile Detention Center. Joanna has been with us since April of 2015. 
Why Case Management?: JoAnna is passionate about assisting others in reaching their individual goals and furthering their skills. She values community relationships and prides herself on being professional in all aspects of her role while maintaining connections with the individuals on her case load. She has had the pleasure of volunteering in the past through art programming at a day program, and thoroughly enjoyed her experience. She is excited to take advantage of participating in events that individuals she serves take part in, and looks forward to building her community involvement.
Strengths: JoAnna has had more experience with teenagers and developing programming/supports to better assist them in transitioning to the next steps after high school in prior employment, and has had a full range of clients in the Waiver field. She enjoys a challenge, and discovering what combination of services can meet an individual's specific needs. She has a high level of organization, and attempts to maintain a clear line of communication and consistency in her case management practices.

Case Manager: Sirena Shouse
Counties: Marion, Hamilton, Johnson, and open to serving Shelby, Hancock, Bartholomew, Decatur, and Jackson Counties
 Years of Experience and Related Work: Sirena has been in Case Management for nearly 10 years, starting her career with the Department of Child Services. Her experience with Individuals with Disabilities has been life-long. Sirena has family members with various disabilities and assisted in their care throughout her adolescence and adulthood. Professionally, Sirena serviced clients with various disabilities throughout the ten years she has been in case management.
Why Case Management:? Sirena strives to be that voice for the unheard. Sirena wants all individuals with disabilities to know that others are listening and that they matter. Sirena wants them to succeed in every aspect of their lives and know that I will support them to get where they want to be.
Strengths: Sirena has great experience in project management, conflict resolution, advocacy, and self-empowerment.

​​Case Manager: Mary Michael


Counties: Hamilton, Marion, Hendricks, and Boone

​Years of Experience: Mary has worked with individuals with disabilities since she was 16-years-old. Mary started at a summer camp for individuals with Cerebral Palsy.  While in school, she worked as a direct care staff and Program Manager while working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Mary graduated from College in 1999 and started as a Case Manager in Illinois shortly thereafter.  Mary continued in different Case Manager positions until she was promoted to Residential Coordinator in 2007. Mary held that position until she moved to Indiana in 2008. Mary was a stay-at-home mom until she started at FUTURES in 2017. Mary has a child with a disability. 

Why Case Management:? The her first job at a summer camp at Shady Oaks, Mary knew she was mean to help individuals with disabilities. Mary cared for individuals in their homes, at their day programs, workshops, in Group Homes, Nursing Homes, and is now facilitating Case Management services. Mary wants to better understand Indiana's waiver program not only to better help her son receive the best services possible but also to help other individuals/parents who are struggling like she was.

Strengths: Mary is a parent of a child with a disability. She knows the struggles that parents go through every day. She also knows how frustrating it is to go through the Medicaid Waiver system and how much there is to learn!  Mary is very determined to know all that she can do to help others. 

Case Manager:  Stephanie McGaughey

E-mail:​ ​
Counties: Floyd, Clark, Jackson, Scott, and Jefferson

Experience:  Stephanie worked in direct patient care for 3 years and then in the medical insurance field for 2 years. Stephanie is new to Case Management but has some experience with Medicaid Waivers and developmental disabilities. Stephanie has personal experience with disabilities as her child is currently in therapy and also being diagnosed. Stephanie welcomes the challenges and rewards that will come with being a Case Manager! 

Why Case Management: ? Stephanie wants to be a Case Manager because she wants to provide support and advocacy for her individuals and families. Stephanie is passionate about helping others and making a difference. Stephanie wants to help her client integrate into the community, achieve their goals, and to feel self-empowered. 

Strengths: Stephanie enjoys meeting new people, she is outgoing, and an excellent communicator. She works well independently, she is organized, and committed to providing excellent service to her individuals. 

Case Manager: Alexa von Rothe


Counties: Lake, Porter, and LaPorte

Experience: ​ Alexa has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Psychology.  She has 5 years of experience providing direct care to individuals with disabilities. She also has 20 years of experience as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP). Alexa has been with FUTURES since December of 2017. 

Why Case Management: ? ​Alexa enjoys helping others define their future and assist them with meeting their goals. Cae Management allows Alexa to  assist individuals to find their voice and express themselves in their own unique way.

​Strengths:  Alexa has twenty five years of experience working with individuals in their family homes and semi-independent living. Alexa has crisis intervention experience and worked with individuals with Aspberger's Syndrome and Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Case Manager: Peyton Husk


Counties: Jasper, Newton, Lake, Porter (open to surrounding counties)

Experience:  Recently, Peyton worked as QIDP for a provider agency for individuals with disabilities. She also worked as a Correctional Officer for those with both intellectual and physical disabilities. 

Why Case Management:? While working as a QIDP, Peyton realized that she has a great passion for this field and wanted to pursue it further. Peyton strives to empower and advocate for all of her individuals to live the most fulfilling and meaningful lives possible. 

Strengths: Peyton is a great team player and has experience with varying team dynamics. Peyton is very easy to build a close and reliable relationship with. Peyton understands the need to be very patient with others and to listen! She excels in conflict resolution. 

Case Manager: Rebeccah Andrews


Counties: Porter, Lake, and LaPorte

Experience: Rebeccah has worked as a paraprofessional at a local high school before getting her Bachelor's Degree and pursuing a career working with individuals with disabilities. The past three years, she worked as a Supported Living QIDP with Opportunity Enterprises.  

Why Case Management:? Rebeccah believes every individual deserves to live a happy, healthy life that makes them want to get up in the morning.  Rebeccah strives to help individuals with disabilities and their families find the best services to meet their needs as well help them be as successful in life as much as possible. 

​Strengths: Rebeccah is friendly and has a bubbly personality that tends to put others at ease. Rebeccah advocates for her clients rights to choice and is a creative problem solver. 

Case Manager: Linzi Richmond

E-mail: ​

Counties:  ​St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, Starke

​Experience: Linzi is new to case management but has worked in direct care for several years as a counselor. Linzi has done sexual assault and domestic violence counseling as well as school counseling at the high school level (including alternative education settings). Linzi has also served her local community as an SOS advocate for several years. Linzi has been with FUTURES since August of 2020. 

​Why Case Management: Linzi has a passion for helping others live their best life. She feels strongly about working with clients and their team to facilitate a respectful, enriching, and empowering lifestyle. 

Strengths: ​ Linzi has strong and effective communication skills. She is passionate about what she does, which leads her to be a valuable advocate for her clients.

Case Manager: Ashley Anderson


Counties: Hamilton,  Delaware, Madison, Marion, and open to Hancock county

Experience:  Ashley has been in the case management field for over five years. Ashley has experience working in the public school system where she worked as a Behavior Clinician for children with special needs. Ashley also has experience working with children from birth to 3 years with First Steps.  She also worked as a Medicaid Waiver Case Manager in the past. 

Why Case Management?: Ashley believes that there is no job more rewarding that being able to help someone with obstacles achieve their dreams. Ashley wants to help individuals be as independent as possible and help them acquire and maintain services that improve their quality of life.

Strengths: Ashley is a team player who works hard to advocate for those she serves. 

Case Manager: Meghan Strole


Counties: Johnson, Marion, Bartholomew, and Morgan

Experience: Meghan has 20 years of experience working in the field of Human Services. Meghan worked with Individuals with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities in variety of Direct Support and Team Leadership capacities, prior to becoming a Case Manager in February of 2015. Meghan received a degree from Indiana University in Communication Studies, with a concentration on Public Speaking, Organizational and Interpersonal Communication, and Conflict Mediation. Meghan’s capstone experience while obtaining her degree focused specifically on Autism Communication: Characteristics and Strategies.

Why Case Management?: Meghan feels that it has been her primary objective, throughout all of her professional and educational endeavors, to find roles and develop strategies to advocate for the wants and needs of ID community, in both the public and private spheres. Case Managers have the ability to assist Individuals and families with developing proactive plans of care and locating valuable resources that enable them to live rich and meaningful lives.

Strengths: Meghan has broad understanding of Indiana’s Medicaid Waiver Program and is able to maximize benefits offered within that system in order to best serve the current and evolving needs of her clients. Meghan is a compassionate team member, who equally values developing both long-term relationships and long-term solutions with the families and Individuals on her caseload. Meghan is resourceful, intuitive, and capable of adeptly facilitating team discussions. 

Case Manager: Elizabeth Bergeron


Counties:  Lake, Porter, LaPorte (open to St. Joseph)

Experience: Elizabeth is new to Case Management. Before joining Futures, Elizabeth spent several years in healthcare administration and Correctional healthcare working with elderly and psychiatric individuals. Elizabeth spent the last three years as a QIDP for a service provider before joining the Futures team this year.

Why Case Management?: Elizabeth wants to be the best resource for those she serves and wants to make sure that the team is working for the individual. Elizabeth's passion lies in the field and she believes the best way to serve her families is in Case Management. She wants to be the biggest support her individuals and families have and to work with families and individuals.

Strengths: Elizabeth's strengths are her sense of humor and her investigative skills. Elizabeth strives to be the best resource for her families and believes that everyone has the right to live their best life. Elizabeth loves to help people achieve their goals.

Case Manager: Ashley Bolton


Counties: LaPorte, St. Joseph, and Elkart

Experience: Ashley is new to Case Management, but not to this field. She began in 2013 as a Direct Support Professional for Respite Services, then moved to various positions which included Respite Manager, RHS Manager, Consumer Service Specialist/Care Coordinator, QIDP, and Program Manager, all within the same provider.

Why Case Management:? Ashley became a Case Manager in order to assist individuals find the supports and resources that they need.

Strengths: Ashley is a very compassionate person, with the ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Her knowledge from working in various positions at a provider, helps her in helping others learn about waiver programs.

Case Manager: Trisha Morris


Counties: Porter and Lake Counties

Experience: Trisha has worked with individuals with disabilities for 10 years, with a residential provider.  She has written their person centered plans to help them achieve the best life they would like to have. She has conducted team meetings and worked closely with the person supported, their families and the other members of the team.

Why Case Management:? Trisha believes that she can help individuals with disabilities achieve their goals by connecting them to services that can help them get involved in the community.  In addition, Trisha feels she can help them advocate for themselves and be as independent as possible.

Strengths:  Trisha's strengths include integrity, being a team player and a good communicator.  She believes all these strengths will help her give great service to the families she serves. 

Case Manager: Bridget Lawson 

Counties: Tippecanoe, Clinton, Pulaski, Fulton, Starke, Fountain, and open to others
Experience: Bridget have worked with individuals with Developmental Disabilities in a variety of roles. She has worked in a state operated facility (Logansport State Hospital) at which some of the population she served included individuals with dual diagnosis of Mental Retardation/Autism and another mental health condition. Bridget spent 6 years on the provider side of Waiver Services in the role of QDDP, Branch Director and Area Director.
Why Case Management: Bridget has always been drawn to serving others. Over the years, she has been rewarded so much internally by being involved in services for individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families. Watching a client and/or their family (and even other service providers) light up talking about success/progress made by those she helps serve; seeing individuals gain more independence or even maintain current independence with the assistance of waiver services and being an ally for clients and their families is not about a paycheck, it’s about so much more to her!
Strengths: Bridget's strenghts include bringing passion, compassion, and a variety of experiences that make her a strong case manager. Bridget's experience in working with the mental health system, navigation of benefit systems, work with DCS and other agencies has given me hands on experience in a lot of situations that can help solve concerns/issues as they arise.

Case Manager: Lexi Brown 
E-mail: ​

Counties: La Porte, Porter, St. Joseph, Elkhart & Marshall Counties

Experience: This is Lexi's first foray into case management but so far, she is loving it! She has worked with individuals with disabilities for the past nine years. During undergrad, she worked as a paraprofessional for four years. After graduating, she worked in residential as a QIDP for three years and later worked as a Program Manager for approximately two years.
Why Case Management: She loves case management because it allows her to see her individuals reach their goals, integrate into their communities, and live their best lives. Coming from a residential background helped her see how confused some families are when they finally get waiver services and she wants to help make that process easier for families.

Strengths: She is organized, a team player, and loves to help connect people to community resources. She also enjoys helping families/individuals find creative ways to help reach their goals.

Case Manager: Montana Hobby 
E-mail: ​
Counties: La Porte, St. Joe, & Marshall Counties
Experience: Montana is new to Case Management but has grown up around folks with different abilities. Since she was born, both her parents have worked with Individuals with Disabilities and that has given her the opportunity to grow up building relationships with people with all different abilities. She has volunteered at proms, dances, Christmas parties, Halloween parties, Camp Outs, Special Olympics Equestrian Team, and picnics.​
Why Case Management: Montana loves doing Case Management because it allows her to work with an amazing population and help them live and thrive in the best way they can. It is an incredible experience for her to watch individuals grow and achieve so much despite every obstacle that may fall in their way. This job has given her the opportunity to advocate for people who are caring, hardworking, uplifting and never give up.​
Strengths: Montana has been volunteering with individuals with developmental disabilities for over ten years now and she loves working with the population. She is organized and thrives when working with people. She is comfortable working in a changing, challenging environment and works well under pressure.

Case Manager: MaryClare Lehker
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Counties: LaPorte, Starke, Porter and St. Joseph counties.
Experience: MaryClare new to case management, but she worked on the provider side for years. She was also a Special Education teacher in LaPorte county. 
Why Case Management: MaryClare is an advocate for those she serves, and helping her clients find services that best fit their needs and goals is her passion. Through case management, she will be helping families and individuals navigate the waiver system and find services that will provide them with support and individualized services.
Strengths: MaryClare’s strengths are her compassion for providing individualized service to each client, communicating quickly, care and concern for people’s needs and rights, and love of what she does. She strives to create a relationship with clients and families, so they know their needs are her goals. She loves her work and cares about her clients. She wants to help individuals and families find services that will benefit them in making their lives fulfilling and reach their personal goals. 

Case Manager: Kelsey Gant
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Counties: Porter, LaPorte, Starke, Lake, and St. Joe 
Experience: Kelsey has only been working as a Case Manager for a few months, but has worked with individuals with disabilities for the last 10 years as a DSP, QIDP, and Director of Residential Services. 
Why Case Management: After working for a Provider for so long, Kelsey wanted to be able to help individuals and their families on a much more broad scale. With case management, she is able to build lasting relationships with individuals, families, and teams while linking them to the supports and resources they need.​
Strengths: Understanding of Providers’ responsibilities and challenges, creating a positive and collaborative team environment, advocacy for individuals and their families. 

​Case Manager: Kate Taylor
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Counties: Johnson, Bartholomew, Brown, Morgan, Marion, Shelby, Kate is open to serving surrounding counties.
Experience: Kate has been working in the waiver world for a solid year, prior to, Kate served as a family case manager for the Department of Child Services. Kate has experience with working with a wide range of individuals from all walks of life. Kate's passion is in advocating for those who may otherwise be unheard, for all deserve to live a life they love.
Why Case Management: As a special needs mom, Kate understands how confusing the waiver process can be and strives to provide families with resources they may otherwise be unaware of. Kate always says, “you don’t know what you don’t know”, and strives to change this for waiver individuals and families..​
Strengths: Kate passionately advocates for all of her clients as she would her own son. Being a mother of a special needs child has given Kate a whole new perspective on the special needs world.