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Mary's Pen-Pals

With quarantine keeping all of us inside and away from friends and family, Mary wanted to find a way to make our folks feel connected. She asked the school aged clients on her case load if they wanted to participate in a pen-pal program. Mary acts as the middle-mail lady. The individual type their pen pal letter and email it to Mary, she prints the letter (removing HIPAA protected information), puts it in a card that she made. She sends it through us mail to another client in the pen pal program. If they make a friend and want to send a letter to a specific pen pal they put the persons name on the top of the letter and she will pass it on. If you or someone you know if interested in participating, please email your case manager and they will assist you with getting involved.  

I have always been proud of my company. But right now I cannot express how proud I am to be able to work with these people everyday. We, along with the rest of the world, are facing our greatest challenge. Mandy, little Eliza, Sara and Mary are making and donating masks, Bridget is delivering masks, Jesse and Trish are shopping for supplies for masks, Mary started a pen pal club, many CMs have their kids sending clients letters, dropping donuts of on pouches, etc. I know not being able to see our folks has been very hard on all of us. That is the biggest, loudest complaint I have heard from ALL my staff!!! 

-Florence Hobby, CEO/Case Manager

FUTURES Case Management, llc

Quarantine Birthday's

Birthdays are different in quarantine, but they can still be fun! Check out some Drive-By Birthday Parties below! 

-All fun over here!​