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Member Eligibility:

Case Manager: Dawn Biela
E-mail: dawnb@futurescasemanagement.com
Counties Served: LaPorte, Porter, and Lake
Years of Experience and Related Work: Dawn has worked in the field serving individuals with disabilities for 13 years. This work includes being a Case Manager, a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional, and a Guardian/Attorney in Fact.  Dawn specializes in finding creative community solutions to an individual’s challenges. Dawn has been with us since May of 2014. 
Why Case Management?: Dawn believes that all individuals-regardless of age, health status, or income should have access to services to meet their basic needs. Dawn believes it is her duty as a fellow citizen and privilege to do what she can toward that end.
Strengths: With her variety of experiences Dawn has encountered many of the issues facing today’s individuals with special needs. Applying the knowledge and skills gained from those experiences allows Dawn to better navigate with the current situations in the waiver world.

Counties Served: 

Services available with A&D Waiver: 

About us: 

A&D Case Managers at FUTURES Case Management

Case Manager: Naziha Ibrahim
Email: naziha@futurescasemanagement.com
Counties Served: Lake, Porter, and LaPorte
Years of Experience and Related Work: Naziha worked at a previous Case Management Company for two years as a Case Manager. Prior to coming to FUTURES, Naziha worked in a doctor’s office as an Office Manager. Naziha has personal experience as she has a sister with Cerebral Palsy who benefits from the Family Supports Waiver. Initially, Naziha started out providing direct care to individuals with disabilities in 2004 and moved up to House Manager before becoming a Case Manager. Naziha has been with FUTURES since  June of 2016.
Why Case Management?: Naziha believes that all human beings deserve to have the opportunity to live their lives to their potential. Naziha does not believe that any disability is a restriction from fulfilling one’s dream. Naziha feels that she is here to show her Individuals the different pathways they can take to succeed and find happiness. 
Strengths: Naziha works well with others and is a great listener and always patient. She is organized and works hard for those whose voices are not always heard. 

  • Lake 
  • Porter
  • LaPorte
  • St. Joseph
  • Tippecanoe

To apply for the A&D Waiver, anyone with knowledge of the person and his/her identifying information (legal name, SSN, DOB, address, phone number, Medicaid number if applicable) can call the local Area Agency on Aging and ask to speak to an Options Counselor. Area Agencies on Aging are the single point of entry for nursing homes and home and community based services like the A&D Waiver. After the first service plan is complete, individuals can choose a company for ongoing Care Management.

Indiana State Website: 


List of Area Agencies on Aging  in Indiana: 


Applying for Medicaid: 


  • Aged 65 and older
  • Have a substantial physical disability resulting in the need for assistance

How do I apply for the A&D Waiver?

The A&D waiver is designed to provide an alternative to Nursing Facility admission for Medicaid-eligible persons age 65 and older, and persons of all ages with disabilities by providing supports to complement and supplement informal supports for persons who would require care in a Nursing Facility if waiver services or other supports were not available. Indiana’s 16 Area Agencies on Aging act as the entry points for this waiver. The services available through this waiver are designed to help members remain in their own homes, as well as to help individuals residing in nursing facilities to return to community settings, such as their own homes, apartments, assisted living, or adult family care.

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Aged & Disabled (A&D) Waiver 

Helpful Links & Tools for guidance with the A&D Waiver:

Case Manager: Rachel McEachen
Email: rachel@futurescasemanagement.com
Counties: Tippecanoe, Benton, and open to surrounding counties
Years of Experience and Related Work: Rachel worked at Sunnyside Middle School as an aide for 4+ years in the special education department. Rachel worked with 5th and 6th graders with learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, and other types of disabilities and health issues. Rachel is new to Case Management but is deeply interested in working with individuals with disabilities. Rachel has been with FUTURES since June of 2016. 
Why Case Management?: Rachel fell in love with her previous job at Sunnyside Middle School as a result of the children she worked with. Rachel quickly learned that working in this field was something she was truly good at and something she enjoys. Rachel strives to help others. 
Strengths: Rachel is very goal oriented and a great communicator! She thoroughly enjoys working as a team with others. Her loyal, organization, honesty, respect, and empathy are wonderful tools she brings to the table.

· Assistive Devices

  • Personal Emergency Response System – push button for rapid access to emergency services without use of phone
  • Medication Reminder System
  • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies in excess of what insurance will allow
  • Home Modification – accessibility options for your home, ex. door widening, roll-in shower, wheelchair ramp
  • Vehicle Modification – accessibility options added to a vehicle you own

· Other Special Needs

  • Integrated Healthcare Coordination
  • Nutritional Supplements in excess of what insurance will allow
  • Pest Control to allow an eligible individual to stay in home safely

· Shared Living Environments

  •  Assisted Living Facility – Medicaid Waiver provides for oversight and assistance according to need; individual pays rent per the facility’s sliding scale
  • Adult Family Care – similar to foster care for adults
  • Structured Family Caregiving – shared housing with a family or unrelated caregiver who receives a stipend for care

· Help for Families

  • Respite – relief for a live-in caregiver
  • Adult Day Services – for those needing supports, socialization, and/or activities at a daytime facility

· Transportation through an approved Medicaid Waiver provider; excludes transportation to medical appointments
· Community Transition – one-time assistance for those moving out of a nursing home.