Back to school time is here!

F.U.T.U.R.E.S. Case Management wishes good luck to our kiddos starting a new school year.

"The demands of the system often distract us from hearing the voices of those we serve."

FUTURES loves to be involved in the disability community whenever possible. Please click for me. 


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Facilitating Unique triumphs through understanding respect and everyday supports


We are all in this together! FUTURES will be posting additional links on our Resource Page to on-going COVID-19 information, waiver changes, food bank information, any new Federal or State orders, etc. If you have a link to information that would be helpful, please let your Case Manager know or email our CEO, Florence Hobby at

I have spoken to the director of my local Humane Society. They do have resources to help families who are struggling to feed their pets. Many Humane Societies across they state have similar resources but not all. Please call your local Humane Society if you are in need of assistance. ​